Data Science vs Business Analytics-The Key Differences

Both Data Science & Business Analytics are often used interchangeably, but as a matter of fact they are both different domains. A complete novice may ignore this interchangeability, but however this isn’t the case for professionals. Misinterpretation of these two distinct technologies can simply impact their business at large.

Let’s understand the how exactly Data Science & Big Data Analytics can be differentiated

Differentiating Data Science vs Big Data Analytics-

The major aspect that differentiates Data Science from Big Data Analytics is the scope of the problems addressed.

Data Science-

The science of data that explores analytical algorithms, statistics, and technology is known as Data Science. It helps in extracting insights that are encrypted inside the structured and unstructured formats of data. These insights can help in understanding the customer behaviour.

Business Analytics-

Business Analytics is purely related to the statistical study of structured business data. By analyzing the business data it aims towards finding solution to most of the complex business problems and roadblocks.

The problem that arises with these distinct technologies is that both of them are interchangeably being used in either of the above scenarios resulting in the wrong approach towards solving a problem leading to undesirable results.

Understanding Data Science & Business Analytics-

Data Science is more like the umbrella term for all the concepts that are related to mining large data sets. It also involves different aspects in relation to programming, statistics, and data analytics but however we shouldn’t be forgetting that Data Science isn’t just limited to only statistical or algorithmic aspects.

The type of data which is needed for Data Science is both structured & unstructured.

Data Science vs Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the end-product of Data Science. It comprises of two major aspects that are Statistical Analysis and Business Intelligence.

The type of data which is needed for Business Analytics is predominantly structured data.

Application of Data Science VS Business Analytics-

The top applications of Data Science involve technology, Finance, Internet Based, Academic, and many more.

Coming to Business Analytics, its applications include Finance, technology, CRM/Marketing, Retail and more

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