Why a Hanging Gas Fireplace Needs Annual Inspection?

Gas fireplace maintenance is usually overlooked because they burn clean and are efficient. It does not mean they need no inspection.

The fireplace works a lot in keeping your home warm, so make a practice to check it every spring. This ensures that it functions flawlessly the whole year.

Debris & junk

Debris hangs in the flue and vents, which needs to be removed or else this restricts airflow.¬†Hanging gas fireplace¬†debris includes –

  • Faux logs eventually deteriorate
  • The scratched glass on the doors can become hazardous over time. It even impacts the heat output.
  • The residue accumulated inside needs to be cleaned often.

Why a Hanging Gas Fireplace Needs Annual Inspection?

What do the technicians check during the inspection?

  • The technician first checks the exterior to make sure that the glass is not dirty, chipped, or cracked.
  • The framework is looked at to ensure it holds up sufficiently.
  • In the interiors, the technician checks the gas ignition beneath the log structure to ensure it lights flawlessly.
  • Inspect that the faux logs are not deteriorating.
  • They even disassemble the unit face to inspect the connections and valves.
  • Assess the heat output and clean residue blocking the vents or ports.
  • The technician even ensures that there is a carbon monoxide detector in your home in working condition.
  • Certified technicians will keenly answer your fireplace related questions.

Safety is the priority if you wish to enjoy fire warmth in your living area!

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